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How often should you get carpet cleaning service in Raleigh, NC?
September 27, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How often should you get carpet cleaning service in Raleigh, NC?

Having your carpet cleaned goes beyond keeping your home looking clean and feeling fresh. It’s part of a much larger part of maintaining your carpet and creating a healthier environment for everyone. Although, many people don’t get it done enough because it’s simply not a priority or they don’t know how often it is recommended. What’s more, there’s a balance between not cleaning them enough and cleaning too much. At Moore's Cleaning Tri-Area, we have some answers for you and your living situation as to how often you should get carpet cleaning service in Raleigh, NC.

High foot traffic

If you have a home that sees a lot of foot traffic, you’re going to get plenty of dirt and grime tracked across your carpet. As these particles build up, they’re going to wear down your carpet and cause premature wear and tear. Getting your carpet cleaned every six to 12 months is enough to make sure that you’re not letting dirt particles settle into carpet fibers and slowly tear them apart.


Kids are hard on a lot of things. Some of it is just their nature as they don’t know how to treat some things in your home. Others are simply just because they have active bodies, have active friends, and aren’t always aware of the dirt they attract playing outside. Because of this, they’re going to deal a significant amount of punishment on the carpet in your home. However, carpet cleaning every six to 12 months should be enough to combat little feet running through your home.

This recommendation, of course, is a judgment call on your part as this leaves open a relatively large window. If your home isn’t entertainment central, once a year is often enough. In contrast, if you regularly have large groups of kids at your home tracking in mud or spilling juice, six months is ideal.


The one thing that’s going to be harder on your carpet than kids is pets. Between housebreaking a pet, dirty paws running around, and constant shedding, your carpet can be left a mess at the end of each day. More frequent carpet cleaning is a part of keeping your home clean when you have a pet so it’s best to clean every three to six months. This will get rid of dirt and mud that your pet brings in from outside, kill germs, and help anyone who lives in or visits your home with allergies.


Along this vein, allergens can get embedded deep in carpets and cause chronic problems for anybody in your home who lives with allergies. This can be anything from pollen, dust, animal dander, or food particles. These can exacerbate allergies for those who have to deal with them daily and create a chronic problem. To remedy this problem, you should be cleaning your carpet every two or three months. This will help to create an environment in your home that has much fresher air to breathe as these allergens aren’t kicked up with every step you take across the carpet.

Carpet color

Lightly colored carpet is a great way to help brighten up a room, but dirty footprints can show up with even the slightest amount of dirt. Eventually, you’ll find that areas of your home that get much more traffic than others will start to darken and remain consistently dirty. It’s best to clean your carpets about every six months to keep the light-colored carpets from looking dirty and dingy.

Reach out for carpet cleaning

Keep your home feeling fresh and clean with a carpet cleaning service in Raleigh, NC from Moore's Cleaning Tri-Area. We’ll have your carpet looking like new as we get rid of dirt, grime, mud, and dust that’s worked its way down into the fibers. Give us a call at 919-525-6655 or send a message using our contact form. We look forward to helping you brighten your carpet and home with regular carpet cleanings.