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About Moore's Cleaning Tri-Area

To Our Cleaning Company, Business is Family.
The strong values that drive us to continue offering the highest quality and most pleasantly managed cleaning services in Durham, NC and the entire Tri-Area.
Moore's Cleaning Tri-Area, LLC
Company Values

Moore's Cleaning Tri-Area, LLC has been family-owned and operated in all the 30 years we have served the triangle area of North Carolina. We spend each day working with family and friends that we love and care for, and that's a feeling we naturally extend to our customers and clients. It is from this feeling of family with business that our core values spring: pride, honesty, and fairness.

Pride is something every business should have and cherish. Ours is in our ability to please our customers and clients and go the full distance for them. Each job must end with us able to judge our work by the high standards we set. It takes work to do this consistently, and so we passionately remind our employees, management, and owners how important it is for our pride to stay at an all-time high.

Honesty comes from the relationships we build with employees both new and old and our clients. We hold honesty in high regard in both family and business. Whether we're letting a customer know we can't meet their obligation or we're holding an employee accountable, we strive for total truthfulness.

Fairness is a value we bring to every relationship and circumstance. We see it as doing business with the intent of making a profit and an equal passion to give clients an experience and result they want again and again. When a customer pays to see their property clean and fresh to a high standard, they are entitled to that result. Acting fairly means we deliver it to them at the agreed price and not a penny more. It's also fair that we should be able to make a living doing what we are best at. And there's no clearer measure of that than our satisfied customers.

Moore's Cleaning will continue to operate by these values as new customers and employees add to our family. They are our foundation for continued success, which, as we define it, is our customers' pleasure.

24-hr support from our management team
Let our flexible and cost-effective commercial cleaning services throughout Durham, Raleigh, and the Tri-Area show you your facilities at their most appealing.