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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Throughout Durham, Raleigh and the Triangle Area

Allow our experts to keep your floors clean and clear

Floor Maintenance

With all the wear and tear floors recieve, floor maintenance is crucial to the look and feel of your commercial space. Because this task is so vital to keeping your commercial space looking it's best, it's important to work with a reliable and experienced cleaning team.

Our floor maintenance service can look like any way our customers want depending on budget and needs. Depending on the type of flooring, we:

  • Strip and wax- When we strip and wax, we scrape all wax and debris build up off your floor and apply new wax for protection, shine, and appearance. This should be done a minimum of once per year in most facilities—some may require more depending on traffic and use.
  • Scrub and recoat- Scrubbing and recoating is similiar to a strip and wax job but less intensive. This is a great tool to use in between your annual strip and wax. A scrub and recoat still offers your floors protection but is much less expensive. It's best to schedule a scrub and recoat 1 - 2 times throughout the year.
  • Burnish and polish- Burnishing is a form of polishing waxed floors. For floors that may not accumulate lots of dirt buildup it may be best to have them burnished once per month. This can be added with a regular nightly cleaning once a month to keep your floors looking fresh.
  • Speed buffing- A speed buffer hardens and polishes the wax on your floors to give them an even, consistent shine.

With all of our floor maintenance services we ensure that the floor is clean of debris—gum, paint, tape, and other sticky debris that can accumulate. Every cleaner on our staff has extensive experience maintaining floors made of all kinds of materials, including VCT (tile), wood paneling, hardwood, carpet, gym floors (wood or rubber), and terrazzo floors.

At Moore's Cleaning Tri-Area, we offer free time and price estimates and promise to be on site within one business day to inspect your facility in-person—so we can indentify your needs and tailor our services to them. Worried about upkeep? No need! Our team can develop tailored maintenance plans and schedule routine cleanings throughout the year, so your space is always sparkling. Your facility’s floors impact your customer's first impression of your space, let us help make that impression a lasting one.