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Commercial Deep Cleaning Services Throughout Durham, Raleigh and the Triangle Area

For commercial spaces in need of a thorough cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Often, commercial facilities need a little more than routine commercial cleaning in order to regain a pristine look and feel. This is where our deep cleaning services become critical.

Our deep cleaning procedure includes all of our basic cleaning services taken to the extreme. Furniture and moveable fixtures that have not been cleaned behind or under in a very long time are removed and the area is cleaned, hard to reach spots where dust accumulates are tended to, old stains in carpets get scrubbed out, window sills and ledges are wiped, kitchen appliances get cleaned inside and out, and any other measures that need to be taken to fully restore the look and feel of a facility are taken.

With our deep cleaning services, after just one visit your entire facility will be sparkling from top to bottom. If you're in need of a thorough cleaning for your commercial facility, reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.


24-hr support from our management team
Let our flexible and cost-effective commercial cleaning services throughout Durham, Raleigh, and the Tri-Area show you your facilities at their most appealing.