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Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning in Cary, NC
April 16, 2023 at 7:00 AM
Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning in Cary, NC

Carpets can often be a forgotten part of the home. But they are actually an essential part of a house, adding warmth to a room and softening sound. Whether your home is adorned with rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting throughout, you must understand how to keep your carpet clean.

In this article, we’ll explain the different methods of carpet cleaning in Cary, NC.

Tips for Carpet Cleaning

No matter the type of carpet you have, whether rugs or wall-to-wall, all carpeting can benefit from regular maintenance. This includes:

1. Installing a carpet pad

One of the best tips for carpet cleaning is to install a carpet pad, a layer of spongy material found underneath your carpet. It can provide additional cushioning and make it easier for you to vacuum your rug and clean the floor underneath. Carpet pads also help absorb sound and keep winter drafts from seeping through the carpet.

2. Vaccum regularly

While this may seem obvious, vacuuming your carpet at least once or twice weekly can help keep your carpets clean, especially in high-traffic areas like your living room or entryway. Invest in the right vacuum cleaner for your carpet needs.

3. Clean spills and stains quickly

Cleaning up any stains and spills immediately on your carpet is essential. That’s because the longer the stain sits, the deeper it will sink into your carpet. When stains occur, use carpet cleaning products designed specifically for your type of carpet or make a homemade cleaning solution.

4. Deep clean your carpets

While you should maintain a regular vacuuming schedule, you should also plan to deep clean your carpets biannually or annually. To deep clean your carpets, call a professional or rent a steam clear to lift dirt, debris, and stains.

Cleaning tips by type of carpet

There are several things you should watch out for when cleaning, depending on the type of carpet in your home. Here are some cleaning tips based on the type of carpet you own:

1. Avoid bleach or alkaline products on wool carpet

If your carpet is made of wool, you’ll want to keep bleach products as far away from it as possible. Bleach products can damage the fibers in the carpet, creating a patch in the carpeting. In addition, you should also avoid using ammonia or other high-alkaline cleaners for the same reasons.

2. Do not scrub the Berber carpet

Berber carpet is ideal for cleaning because the large loops don’t trap dirt like other types of carpets. However, if you ever stain this carpet, you must never scrub at it but blot the stain from the outer edges to avoid spreading it. Scrubbing Berber carpet can cause the material to snag or cause other problems with fuzzy spots.

3. Add carpet stain protector to wool and nylon carpets

You can preserve your nylon and wool carpets by adding a carpet stain protector. This product absorbs into your carpet to protect it from permanent stains. Fabric and stain protectors tend to be recommended by professionals for this type of carpet as they are more porous than other carpet types. However, using a carpet stain protector still does not replace the need for regular vacuuming or deep carpet cleanings.

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