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How to decide between daytime and nighttime office cleaning in Raleigh
August 3, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How to decide between daytime and nighttime office cleaning in Raleigh

Getting your office cleaned is a necessary part of your daily operations. However, whether it’s done in the daytime or nighttime is up to you, your company, and your schedule. At Moore’s Cleaning Tri-Area, we specialize in office cleaning in Raleigh. If you’re trying to decide which is best for you, read below for the benefits of both daytime and nighttime cleaning.

Benefits of daytime cleaning

Safer for cleaning crews

Nighttime might be easier for cleaning crews to clean around your employees, but daytime hours are safer for crews that have to make runs to an outdoor dumpster. Dumpsters are often placed behind buildings where it’s not well lit and there could be tripping hazards that make the walk to the trash area dangerous at night. Additionally, workers don’t have to enter or leave the building in the dark.

Better response time to clean-ups

Accidents happen throughout the day. Whether it’s somebody who knocked their lunch off the table or somebody spilled their coffee, there are going to be messes that need to be cleaned up. If you have a cleaning crew on-site during the day, they can help to properly clean up these accidents and let your employees get back to what they were doing before without the risk of staining the floor.

More energy efficient

When you have your custodial team cleaning around the office during the day, they don’t need to use extra light to perform their job. Daytime cleaning crews don’t need to turn on extra lights and, instead, will work among your employees to clean. Nighttime crews will have to turn lights on for each room they go into and even have lights on for an extended period of time in larger rooms as they take a considerable amount of time to clean. While crews are trained to turn the lights off when they’re finished, it doesn’t always happen and you might have lights left on in your building overnight.

Benefits of nighttime cleaning

Added security

Having your lights on at night can add to your utility bills, but it can easily cut down on your security costs. Having someone in the building provides an added measure of security against potential break-ins or theft. Even if the cleaning crew isn’t trained in techniques to protect your building, their mere presence will be a deterrent.

Reduced disturbance for workers

Vacuums can be noisy and dusting is bothersome for your workers during the day. Nighttime cleaning crews can perform their regular cleaning tasks without bothering your workers or hindering their ability to do their job. It’s also easier for cleaning crews to perform more thorough and deep cleaning without employees in the areas where they’re cleaning.

Improved health and safety for workers

A clean workspace is going to improve the health and safety of workers, in general. However, the chemicals that cleaning crews use can be harsh and even dangerous to individuals who are sensitive to them. Cleaning outside of normal business hours makes for a healthier and safer environment for all your employees as they don’t have to deal with the fumes related to these cleaners.

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If you need office cleaning in Raleigh, reach out to our team at Moore’s Cleaning Tri-Area for more information. We can help you book daytime or nighttime cleaning services for your business. If you’re still undecided, we’ll provide you with more information and rates for each. Get in touch by calling 919-525-6655 or send a message via our contact form. We look forward to working with and cleaning your office.