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How often do you need commercial carpet cleaner services?
June 23, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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Your first impression is everything, and nothing spoils the first impression like a dirty carpet. The state of your carpet is the foundation of your reputation, and it is critical to maintaining employee morale and providing clean and healthy working conditions. Still, deciding how often you need professional business carpet cleaning services is difficult. Here is everything you need to know:

How often should I clean my carpet?

Determining how often you need commercial carpet cleaners is difficult. This decision hinges on a variety of variables that are unique to your business.

Cleaning frequency ranges from once or twice a month to once every three months to once every four months to once every six months. Ultimately, when it comes to carpet cleaning, there is not a simple answer. Here are essential factors to consider.

Carpet color, material, style, and type

Carpet type is a significant factor when determining how frequently you need business carpet cleaning services.

Every aspect of your carpet influences this decision, including the color, nap, pile type, and density. The higher the nap and lighter the color, the more frequently you have to clean your carpet. Material and style apply to protective coverings, too.

If your carpets are near exterior doors, using a commercial grade mat large enough to protect your carpet is imperative. If you are not using a commercial grade mat, your carpet will require more frequent cleaning.

Foot traffic

The volume of foot traffic from employees, visitors, and customers you expose your carpet to also dictates how often you need commercial carpet cleaning services. Areas with more foot traffic require more frequent carpet cleanings.

Consider the climate and weather conditions, too. Foot traffic in areas with harsher conditions is more damaging. Remember specific areas within your business also experience more foot traffic than others and may require more frequent cleaning. You should clean:

  • High-traffic areas, like entrances and ground floor halls, at least once a month.
  • Mid-traffic areas, like administrative offices and above-ground halls, quarterly.
  • Low-traffic areas, like boardrooms and conference rooms, every 6 months.

Type of commercial space

Your industry also dictates how often you need to clean your business carpets since some businesses accumulate more dirt faster and experience more accidents than others. For example:

  • Restaurants and bars require quarterly cleaning since spills are common and people track grease, food residue, and food debris from the kitchen.
  • Medical facilities and nursing homes must adhere to strict regulations that require frequent cleaning to maintain sanitary conditions.
  • Schools and retail stores require deep cleaning every three or six months.

Your upkeep

Your general upkeep and preventative cleaning habits also determine how often you should hire a commercial carpet cleaning company.

If you and your team are spot cleaning when spills occur and vacuuming your commercial space every day, you will require professional cleaning services far less frequently. More importantly, this elongates your carpet’s lifespan and mitigates the wear and tear on its fibers.

For the most effective preventative cleaning, you must invest in commercial-grade cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaners. Still, this helps avoid extensive and expensive restorative cleanings in the long run.

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The state of your carpet significantly impacts the ambiance of your commercial space, which are critical to employee satisfaction and the impression you make on visitors. Investing in commercial carpet cleaners is an investment in your success. If you need the best carpet cleaning for your business in Raleigh or Durham, at Moore’s Cleaning Tri-Area, we boast over 30 years of industry experience. We are a family-owned business that treats each customer like kin. We operate with pride, integrity, and transparency and offer tailored cleaning solutions. Get in touch to discuss your business carpet cleaning needs!