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Cleaning & Sealing Rubber Floors
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If you're a homeowner or business manager with rubber floors, you know they're durable and great for high-traffic areas. But like any flooring, rubber requires regular care to keep it looking its best. Without proper cleaning and sealing, rubber floors can appear dingy, develop scuffs and wear patterns, and show the effects of dirt and grit over time.

Implementing a good maintenance routine is key to preserving the appearance and performance of your rubber flooring investment. The pros at Moores Cleaning Tri-Area want to provide some best practices for keeping your rubber floors clean, sealed, and looking great for years to come. Read on for tips on regular cleaning, sealing those vulnerable seams, and maintaining the right finish.

Regular cleaning

First, it’s important to sweep or vacuum rubber floors frequently to prevent dirt and debris from building up. When particles get ground into the surface, they can act like sandpaper, leading to premature scuffing and wear. Try to sweep daily in high-traffic areas.

When it's time for deeper cleaning, damp mopping with a mild, neutral pH floor cleaner diluted in water is recommended. Avoid harsh cleaners or bleach products. The mopping will remove stuck-on dirt while restoring the floor's glossy finished look. Be sure to promptly wipe up any spills, grease stains or rubber heel marks as they occur, to prevent permanent staining. Rub the mark gently with a rag and rubber floor cleaner until it lifts.

For periodic heavy-duty cleaning, use a low RPM buffing machine with a soft pad to gently refresh the whole floor. This will pick up any embedded dirt while evening out the shine. Aggressive scrubbing or buffing can damage the floor over time, so take care.

Cleaning gym floors

For rubber floors in gyms and athletic facilities, regular deep cleaning is especially important. Sweat, dirt, and spills from sports activities can quickly lead to unsightly buildup. Use a neutral pH athletic floor cleaner and microfiber mops to prevent dirt working into the pores of the rubber. Thoroughly remove all residue each time. Buffing with a rejuvenator solution will restore the floor’s luster. Schedule frequent cleanings based on usage levels.

Proper sealing

While rubber flooring itself is waterproof, seams between sheets or tiles are vulnerable to moisture intrusion. Using the correct seam sealant during installation is important. Be sure to check seams routinely for any gaps or evidence of moisture entry, and reapply sealant as needed. Choose a urethane formulated specifically for rubber floors. Clean seams thoroughly before resealing.

You can also safeguard your floors by applying a liquid sealer and finish made just for rubber. This will protect the surface from spills, stains, and wear while restoring a like-new glossy sheen. Apply two thin coats, allowing the proper drying time between applications, and reapply every 1-2 years depending on traffic.

Caring for your investment

With some diligent care and maintenance, you can keep your rubber floors looking pristine for years. Protect your investment by sweeping frequently, mopping properly, resealing seams, and refinishing on schedule. And be sure to call in the trusted professionals at Moores Cleaning Tri-Area when you need rubber floor cleaning and maintenance assistance. We have the know-how to keep your floors looking their best.

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