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3 Ways to Keep Your Gym Clean for Members
November 7, 2022 at 4:00 PM
clean gym with woman lifting weights

As a gym facility manager, your gym members trust you to keep the facility clean and safe for their workouts. However, with so many people using the equipment and sweating on the mats, it can be tough to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Lucky for you, our cleaning professionals at Moores Cleaning Tri-Area have compiled three ways to keep your gym clean year-round.

1. Use a Gym-Specific Cleaning Schedule

Every gym manager knows that cleanliness is essential to their members. A clean facility is a safe facility, showing that, as a manager, you care about your members’ experience at your gym.

Compared with other types of businesses, a gym has different cleaning needs. For this reason, you need to target areas that gym-goers use the most, such as the locker rooms, showers, toilets, and the gym floor.

We recommend creating a gym-specific cleaning schedule that outlines which areas need to be cleaned and how often. Considering the high-traffic areas, the types of equipment used, and the time of day when people are most likely to be working out is essential to maintaining a clean gym.

For example, for gym floor cleaning, you may want to mop the gym floor once a day, but you may need to do it more often if your gym gets a lot of use. The same goes for the locker room and showers, which you should regularly clean throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs. More so, you will want to ensure you regularly clean and disinfect gym equipment, as people will be touching these with their bare skin all the time.

2. Invest in the Right and High-Quality Cleaning Products

When cleaning a gym, you need to use the right products for the job. Remember that different areas of the gym will require other solutions. For example, you wouldn’t use the same cleaning agents to clean gym equipment as you would in mopping the gym floor.

You also need to be sure that you are using high-quality cleaning products. Gym equipment and floors can be delicate, and you don’t want to damage them with harsh chemicals. Not to mention, some gym members may have sensitivities to certain chemicals, so it’s best to avoid using any unnecessarily.

If you’re unsure which products to use, our team at Moores Cleaning Tri-Area can help you choose the right ones for your gym. We only use high-quality and gym-approved solutions so that you can be sure your facility is being cleaned properly.

3. Encourage Members to Help Keep the Gym Clean

As much as you may try to keep the gym clean, there may be areas that get missed. Your gym members can help. By encouraging members to help keep the gym clean, you can take some pressure off yourself and your cleaning staff.

Simple things, such as wiping down gym equipment after use and putting away weights, can go a long way in keeping the gym clean. You can also put up signs around the gym to remind people to clean up after themselves.

You could also encourage your members to speak up when they see something that needs to be cleaned, such as a piece of equipment that needs to be wiped down or a spill in the locker room. Involving your members in the cleaning process will make them feel more invested in keeping the gym clean.

Let Moores Cleaning Tri-Area Help You Keep Your Gym Clean

A clean gym is a happy gym, and here at Moores Cleaning Tri-Area, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your gym clean for members. We understand the unique cleaning needs of gyms and are equipped with the right products and solutions to get the job done right.

With our 30 years of industry experience and excellent reputation among businesses throughout Raleigh, Durham, and the Triangle area of Durham, your gym is in good hands with us.

If you’re ready to take your gym’s cleanliness to the next level, contact us at 919-294-6031 or reach out to our email at